Life gets real sometimes and it doesn’t feel good. My mom came back to me once when I was feeling down and said “but your Instagram looks like you’re always having fun…” My response: “Mom, that’s the point of Instagram.” One of the struggles I faced after Kingsley (among many others after pregnancy) was weight ….and feeling like I’d never ever loose it. So yes… I’m 4 weeks out of giving birth to a beautiful boy… My body has done an amazing thing… But it is by no means photoshoot ready. So I purchased some great new dresses I refer to as “bags” …and I’m humbling posting this photo to say… Don’t worry …It won’t last long!!! Second baby and I can confidently post this for all new mothers feeling down. By 8 months later with Kingsley …I was back in a (high-rise) bikini and on the beaches of Ibiza. So post your mom pics without shame. None of us have photoshop in real life. I’m proud of my body and what it can do.


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