My journey with Extreme Makeover: Home Edition on HGTV has been so wonderful.

With each build, I get to work with some extremely talented designers, carpenters and selfless volunteers to bring hope and happiness to deserving families in need. Each of these families have needs of their own. However, each of them gives so much to their own communities despite unmet needs of their own! The sacrifices these families make for others have impacted lives, hearts and communities in countless ways. That is a prime motivation for me to go beyond my best and up the ante when it comes to design. Our build for the Fifita family is no different!

The Fifita Family

When I heard the Fifita family’s story, my heart leaped with excitement. Brian and Lisa Fifita have been great parents for their own five kids. But they go out of their way to give whatever they have to their community. I mean that LITERALLY: all of the kids in their Tongan community!

Brian and Lisa are considered the “YMCA” of their neighborhood because of their dedication to the youth in their community. They have made it a personal mission to use their home as a refuge from drugs, violence and gangs for troubled kids. They use their home as an alternative place to hang out or stay the night. They’ve housed up to 23 kids at one time. Plus, they provide food, games, resources, blankets…anything these kids need.

The Fifitas’ only goal has been to provide a shelter of safety for the kids in surrounding neighborhoods. Their open-door care for the community kids has made such a positive impact on the kids’ lives. Because of the Fifitas, many of the youth have gone on to college and started families of their own.

Giving Back

What I love about the Fifita family, as with the other Extreme Makeover families, is that they consider the needs of others before their own needs. Even though their home was in disrepair, Brian helped create a “home makeover” for another family in need. The family remodeling the inside and outside of the home through donations secured by their oldest daughter, Sia, and volunteered time from everyone in the family.

Brian also helped boys in the community earn their Eagle Scout ranks. He and Lisa received the Parents’ Hero Award for their “commitment and dedication to…educational excellence” for their kids and the kids in their community. They have done so much for everyone in their community. It’s only fitting that they receive the gift of a new home for themselves and their extended “community” family, also!

Let’s Help the Fifita Family Together!

The Fifitas have big hearts and big dreams for the youth in their community. Likewise, HGTV, the Extreme Makeover Team and I have big plans to give Brian and his family a home beyond their imagination! But we need your time, talents and assistance to make it happen! Come join us and the Piston Construction team on Saturday, September 28, as we finalize furniture move-in for the new Fifita family home. Then on Sunday, September 29, come celebrate with everyone as we “MOVE THAT BUS” for the big reveal! It’s going to be such a great time, and I would love to have your involved! Every hand helps us tremendously, and every hour of participation is greatly appreciated. Know that your time and talents will be used to create fond memories for an amazing and very appreciative family in need.

I hope to see you there!

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