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If you’ve been following me over the past year, you know that I wear a lot of hats. I’m a mom, entrepreneur, interior designer, television personality, blogger and lifestyle expert, among a few other things. The one thing I’m not? A chef. I love being in the kitchen and spending time with family there, but cooking as a working mom has never been my thing. Ever. Nevertheless, my boys and I have to eat.

As a native California girl, I grew up with so many cultural influences, including my favorite, Mexican. Mexican became one of my favorite go-to foods, especially burritos. There’s nothing quite as satisfying as an egg breakfast burrito in the morning. It reminds me of the bright-and-early days I spent at the beach as a young surfer. Breakfast burritos were the unspoken “fill-em-up” food of choice for us all, and I could never get enough of them. With my crazy schedule these days, I never have time to make them the way I remember having them years ago.

These frozen burritos are so delicious and flavorful, and they’re great for us because they’re easy to prepare. And they’re not just easy for ME to cook. I love that my oldest son, Kingsley, can prepare them. Now that he’s 7 years old, he is taking on more responsibility around the home. As luck would have it, he loves cooking! Not-so-lucky for him, his mother is not the best chef. Thanks to El Monterey® Signature Burritos, that’s not a problem at all.

Kingsley feels empowered when he can get some burritos and microwave them, plate them up, add some simple fixings and “make” dinner for the entire family. I love how versatile these burritos are. You can spice them up in so many different ways! I suggest topping them with clean, fresh, simple sides and ingredients like we do; you really can’t go wrong. My boys have their favorite sides, and again, they’re really fresh and easy. We eat our Signature Burritos a lot with diced avocados (hey – we’re from LA), limes, shredded cheese, cilantro, and our family favorite: Easy Pico de Gallo. Even though he didn’t “cook” them, he feels like he does, and I love that something so safe and easy empowers him. Plus, that makes him want to have burritos more throughout the week. I’m not going to complain about that!

Now that school is back in session and many families are navigating virtual learning, a key commodity we all need more of is time. It’s such a busy time for us parents, especially since “school” now looks so different this fall. Even as a busy professional, I love the convenience and mobility of eating a burrito on the go. I love that I can take phone calls and multitask while enjoying one. It’s the perfect handheld treat!

Enjoying El Monterey Signature Burritos is a simple way to bring flavor and fun to our morning meals and breakfast time at the table. As a mom, I love that these burritos are made by real people supporting real families. That’s so important to me. Having nutritious and wholesome meals with real ingredients sets my boys up for success in the day ahead. If you’re a busy mom with active children, I know you and your family will love them, also. Try our pico de gallo recipe below and reset your mornings with El Monterey® Signature Burritos!

Easy Pico de Gallo

Total time: 7 minutes
Total prep time: 5 minutes
Servings: 4

1 tomato, diced
½ yellow onion, diced
1 hand full of cilantro
Freshly squeezed lime juice
Salt and pepper to taste

Mix all of the ingredients together, and serve on top of your favorite El Monterey® Signature Burritos!

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