Children’s books by Breegan Jane tackle sometimes difficult topics in an approachable voice that kids love and parents appreciate.


Join brave little Carbie as he sets out on a journey to overcome the adversity of being lost and stuck in a difficult place. Carbie relates a heartwarming but powerful message of strength and endurance in moments of pressure. Teach your child the positive effects of determination and steadfastness with this endearing short story. Let them know they can shine like diamonds if they are dedicated and strong!

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"Carbie has become a household name with my kids. Whenever they have tough or difficult moments, we talk about Carbie’s strength and how he never gives up. I only wish there was a Carbie plush toy to have in their rooms as a reminder! I love reading this to my kids over and over. This is the new “Little Engine That Could,” and my children love it!"
Mother of Two

Are You My Friend?

In a happy village by the sea, Baxter Birdy seeks to find his place among the different animals and their pals. Some are different, some are the same, but they all have diverse preferences and tastes. Join Baxter as he discovers friendship, the importance of individuality, and the meaning of self-love. Every relationship is unique, and Baxter Birdy’s journey highlights that in this lighthearted but meaningful story.

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“The best thing about “Are You My Friend?” is that it reinforces to my kids that they don’t have to be who everyone else is. Their lives and relationships don’t have to look like what everyone else has. They don’t have to like what other kids like. This book is a great tool of empowerment for little ones, and I’m thankful to have a resource that teaches such a great message on a child’s level. Thanks, Breegan!”
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