If you’ve been around my little corner of the internet for a while, you know that I’m a Southern California girl through and through! Stateside? Cali is definitely my favorite place to reside. But, if I ever moved out of the country, Ibiza, Spain, would be my ideal locale, hands down! I’ve talked a bit about this dreamy place before, but today we’ll take a deeper dive. I’m willing to bet you’ll either discover something new, or you’ll be ready to travel to Ibiza sooner than you think!

Ibiza, The White Isle

There is an archipelago (a fancy way of saying a group of islands) right off of eastern Spain. This island chain is known as the Balearic Islands. Ibiza is the third largest of those islands with approximately 159,000 inhabitants. In 1912, an artist named Santiago Rusiñol called Ibiza the “White Island” after his trip. It has since been regularly referred to as the “White Isle” because of the island’s distinguishing lime-covered architecture. Those beautiful white buildings with breathtaking architecture? They certainly influence the way I design spaces for my clients.

While Ibiza is often associated with electronic dance music and bustling nightlife today, it wasn’t always that way. In fact, the 220-mile island was once more popular for fishing and farming in the past. It wasn’t until the 1940s and 1950s that tourism began to play a major role in the island’s economy and cultural landscape. That’s hard to believe if you’ve only experienced modern-day Ibiza!

Ibiza, My Great Love

I feel blessed to have been able to travel often throughout my life, both domestically and internationally. Travel can be a great escape and source of inspiration for those who seek after a creative spark like I do. You know those places you visit that instantly capture your heart? That’s how I feel each time I travel to Ibiza.

When you arrive, you’re greeted with a stunning landscape that resembles something out of an idyllic tourism brochure. Now, I’m aware that everyone refers to the islands with flowery language that sounds grand and exaggerated. But I must say, one of the most visually impactful features of Ibiza has to be the teal water. It is impossibly blue, and it shimmers in the sun like a mermaid’s tail. The vastness of the water, along with its soothing hue, almost envelops you. To this day, teal remains my favorite color because of the breezy, tranquil feeling it evokes.

Ibiza, Kid-friendly?

I’m often met with stares of shock and awe when I tell people that I travel to Ibiza with my two young children. To most, a Mediterranean vacation sounds like something romantic, sophisticated and definitely adult-only. However, that’s precisely why I love this place! Ibiza is brimming with lively nightlife, but there are just as many places and activities to keep the kiddos occupied and happy.

It’s not unusual to see adults enjoying a delicious meal and beverage at one of the beach clubs with the kids playing in the sand just feet away. We also always enjoy all the fun the water has to offer. We snorkel and swim, and don’t forget all the fun we have while boating. Trust me, if you have an ounce of stress when you land in Ibiza it all melts away pretty quickly!

We have an amazing time each time we travel to Ibiza. I can attribute that to several factors. I mean, it is paradise, after all. We’ve all been feeling the weight of so many restrictions over the last year. A trip to this magnificent place provided us the opportunity to fully immerse ourselves in nature, positive vibes and leisure. It was truly good for the soul. I know traveling is a privilege that isn’t afforded to all, but if you are able, you should. We all need a little rejuvenation from time to time. Ibiza has long held a special place in my heart for the reasons I’ve mentioned and so many more. If you’re considering a getaway in the near future, keep this one on your list. You can thank me later.


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