When people discover that I’m an interior designer, one of the first questions I’m often asked is, “what’s your favorite room to design?” In my mind, I’m usually thinking something along the lines of: how do you pick a favorite child!? I’m joking, but it really is tough to pick just one space because I love the art of designing so much! I have to be honest and say that atop my “favorites list” sit kitchens and bathrooms. But if you want to get even more specific, I love designing powder rooms! Powder room design offers so many opportunities to expand your design and creative horizons in unique ways. Want to know more? Let’s get to it!

Audacious Powder Room Design

The rumors are true. I absolutely adore neutrals. I could list a million reasons why neutral color palettes are beneficial in design. But powder rooms? Well, here is where things get interesting! Powder rooms by definition are usually much smaller than your average full bath. These are the bathrooms in a home that guests typically use. I refer to powder rooms as little jewel boxes, because these are the spaces where I like to have fun with whimsical colors and patterns! 

Powder rooms need not match the design scheme of the rest of a house, so my advice is to “go big or go home!” I suggest finding wallpapers with bold colors and eye-catching prints to make the focal point in your powder room design. If you’ve always loved safari prints, this is your chance to use that wallpaper with the tigers and zebras. Remember that iridescent floral print you couldn’t resist? It will be the perfect addition to your jewel box bathroom. Small spaces like these pack a real punch when you accent them with vivid and bright colors. They can feel like a bit of a treat to the people who use them when they enter. And, they allow you to have fun showing your personality without the worries of a design clash with the rest of your home. 

Make Metals Matter in Your Powder Room

When I am designing any space, I balance two things in my mind. I consider the bigger picture and end result, along with the individual details that will bring the space to life. Both of these concepts are crucial to making the vision in my mind a tangible reality. We’ve tackled the beautiful colors; now it’s time to prioritize the hardware! 

Ditch traditional “matchy” fixtures. Mixing metals will always be a winning move when you want to add depth and visual interest to a space. It is an especially great technique when used in a modest space because metal is reflective. Combining stunning brass with cooler silvers and various shades of gold can give your powder room an almost jeweled effect. When it comes to your faucets, handles, knobs and pulls, think more “coordinating” and less “carbon copy.” Your guests will find the combination delightful!

The Accessory Advantage 

Making a house feel like home involves so many things, but those factors all share one thing in common: personal touches. Don’t forget the impact small elements have in powder rooms. It’s easy to be so fixated on the more obvious parts of the space that you forget the everyday use items! 

When it comes to things like hand soaps and lotions, I recommend purchasing uniform glass bottles and decanting the products of your choice into them. It will give the space a much more intentional appearance. Appeal to all the senses and use scent enhancers like diffusers. Everyone appreciates a pleasant-smelling powder room. Select fascinating artwork to adorn the walls and complement the colors to add depth and a bit of character to the space. Finally, bring a freshness and natural feeling to your powder room design with greenery. Mix real and faux plants for a fresh and organic bonus. It’s a small thing, but trust me: your guests will be wowed!

Powder room design isn’t always talked about, but I guarantee your guests have strong opinions on it! We use these spaces so frequently that it just makes sense to invest in them. Use these tips to elevate your powder room and see how easily you can turn dull into dazzling!

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