Summer is unfortunately fading, according to the calendar. I know that I get to enjoy the extended feel of it living in California, but there’s still a feeling attached to the close of the season. Reflecting on everything that I’ve been able to experience the last few months, it’s definitely been a great one.

I guess that’s why the music for the moment is a song that keeps me in a summer state of mind. BAYNK’s track “Poolside” should be my life theme song, but it’s really apropos when I think about the best parts of this summer. If you follow my blog, you’ll know that being in or near bodies of water breathes life into me, and it seems to have the same effect on my boys. I’ve loved being by the poolside watching them play, enjoying the sun while lazily lounging on an inflatable and sipping on something fruity, and chatting with family and good friends or silently simmering on the next business venture. Being in that scene really is my lifeline.

The lyrics of “Poolside” don’t necessarily or literally paint that image for me. Lyrically, the song is about a guy impatiently wanting to find the girl of his dreams. What hits me more is the song’s vibe. A simple four-to-the-floor house rhythm with light, airy electronic hits will get me everytime, and this one definitely does. It’s bright and melodic with wispy vocals. That’s perfect ear candy to me.

I may have to say good-bye to summer in a bit, but tracks like this will keep the images and memories in my mind. Take a listen, and find yourself in the middle of a sunshiney summer anytime.

I want to know what songs are in your summer soundtrack. Let me know the songs that embody summer to you in the comments below!

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